Pre-operative assessment


A week or two before your operation you will be asked to attend the hospital for a pre-operative assessment.

At pre-operative assessment clinic, nursing staff will check the details of your general health and medication with you. Some drugs should be stopped in advance of your operation, these include clopidogrel (plavix-at least 2 weeks), the contraceptive pill (6 weeks), aspirin (1-2 weeks) and warfarin (usually 5 days, but this varies- please discuss with staff in the clinic). HRT can be continued.

Your height, weight, blood pressure and urine will be checked. Blood tests, X- rays, a heart trace (ECG) and MRSA screen will be performed. These checks enable the surgeon to decide that you are fit to proceed with the operation.

The anaesthetist may ask to see you, particularly if you are one of the small percentage of patients with medical problems that put them at increased risk during surgery. The anaesthetist may arrange further tests or treatment and these will be coordinated through your GP so that he/ she is aware of what is happening.

At the pre-operative assessment clinic you will also see an occupational therapist who will explain how you will mobilise after the operation, organise any adaptations that may be needed in your home and discuss your discharge plans with you. You will have received some forms to fill in before attending the pre-operative assessment clinic which ask for measurements of the height of your chair, bed and toilet and also the name, address and telephone number of a relative or friend who would be willing to let someone into your home to install any loaned equipment.