Admission to hospital


Normally admission takes place on the day of surgery although occasionally you may be admitted on the day before your operation.

For your stay in hospital, please bring in:

•Knee-length clothes. Avoid long night dresses and dressing gowns as they hamper your mobility.

•Low shoes or slippers with backs

•Loose-fitting knickers (ladies) or boxer shorts (men) - they are easier to put on

•A set of clothes for dressing practise after your operation

•Don’t bring corsets or pantie girdles

A nurse will go through your personal details and plan your individual nursing care with you.

The ward doctor will examine your general health, and your surgeon wil mark the correct hip with an indelible pen, and ask you to sign the consent for surgery form (if you didn’t do so in the pre-operative assessment clinic). Please feel free to ask any further questions you have, or raise any concerns, at this time.

The anaesthetist will see you and perform a further check of your heart, lungs, general health and any medication you are taking. He/she will discuss with you the need for any pre-medication and the type of anaesthetic planned.

You will not be allowed to eat for 6 hours nor drink fluids for 2 hours before the scheduled time of your operation. It is important that you respect this guidance as this helps prevent vomiting whilst under the anaesthetic.